“Sabuku Sushi features the World’s Hottest Pepper” by sandiegofoodfinds.com

Spicy food, like any intense culinary flavor, is an acquired taste. Hot sauces and dishes delivering extreme heat have developed a cult-like following, with disciples of the movement constantly looking for the next hottest thing. Enter Sabuku Sushi Head Chef Zach Stofferahn’s new Suicide Special that features the World’s Hottest Pepper, the searing Trinidad scorpion pepper.
This diabolical specialty menu offers three levels of mouth scorching flavor that will challenge any sultan of the Scoville Scale!

A Heated Triple Threat Sushi Challenge

It’d been a long time since I saw that cheesy photo of me donning a sombrero and poncho, sporting a set of plumped purple lips. I don’t consider myself particularly photogenic and generally avoid pics of my mug. Despite that, I took a quick glance of my victory Polaroid from True North Tavern’s TNT Taco Challenge before heading out the door for my latest firefight, if for no other reason than to remind myself of my taste buds’ fortitude.

This time around, there would be no silly garb, no needling emcee taunting me over a PA playing to a crowd of half-enthused, half-mortified onlookers. Nope. This time it would be just me, myself, and I, seated in a corner and daring to take on a trio of sushi rolls comprising Sabuku Sushi’s (3027 Adams Avenue) Suicide Special.

Bacon Mania Hits San Diego

Join the bacon movement and taste America’s favorite breakfast food in a whole new way!
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Thinking outside the case!

Take A Seat at Sabuku’s Interactive Sushi Bar 

We’ve given you the low-down on Sabuku Sushi’s unexpected rolls and creative takes on tradition. Beyond the flavorful food, we’re discovering even more ways that Sabuku defies the norm.

As one of the only sushi spots in Normal Heights, Sabuku was created by Bob Pasela on a foundation of originality. When guests step inside of the restaurant, a few tables offer the seat-treatment. But the real magic happens at the bar. There, Sabuku has presented a unique approach to the dining experience: a completely caseless sushi bar.